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"Art dealer life" is engaged in the production of exclusive collections of drawing graphics of contemporary artists, the sale of copyright prints of museum quality from around the world and the formation of private and corporate collections.

At the heart of the project is the idea that everyone can afford to live with art. We make art more accessible and popularize democratic collectibles.

Art in personal space is a global trend. To build a world in which you live with the help of art is not only a desire to be a part of a fashion phenomenon and a cultural game, but also self-identification, a mirror of the owner's ideas about himself.

Printed author's print, work on  on canvas (paper) - an excellent "building material" for the foundation of a private collection. This is a find for those who are just starting to think about what to do with a vacant seat on the wall.

At your request, we will deliver you an exclusive picture, or create reproductions of world masterpieces.

In our gallery you will find all the newest. Our collections are constantly updated, all the latest novelties of the art world we provide to your attention in a matter of days. With us you will always be on the fashion wave of art, and regularly held exhibitions of paintings in the city of Kharkov will allow you to view the works in reality.

Super assortment!
In ArtDL you are guaranteed to buy what you were looking for. After all, the assortment of such paintings in stores is usually limited, but for us, whatever you want.

Our paintings decorate restaurants!
Our paintings on the canvas are decorated with elite restaurants.
Our products are sold by large stores and supermarkets.

You are tired of fakes, you want quality beauty? - You are with us along the way.
Unique technologies allow us to provide the highest quality of work. Even the most inexpensive work offered by our gallery is a hundred times better than Chinese counterfeits.

Poster from ArtDL is a high-quality canvas, the best stories, European quality. Enough to look at low-quality Chinese images with low print resolution, our flexible pricing policy will satisfy the interests of all categories of buyers.

To decorate and give solidity and additional status to elite houses, offices and restaurants to buy an exclusive picture is the most correct decision. If you are allowed space and funds, then you can create your own picture gallery, and who knows, perhaps many years later it will become as famous as the Tretyakov Gallery.

A perfect gift!
If you do not know what to give for an anniversary or a housewarming party, or just congratulate you on a holiday, then know - to buy a picture as a gift - a win-win option. For the office and for the lobby, in the living room or in the dining room of the restaurant, the picture will always be appropriate, emphasize the status and create a mood.



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